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F11:Common Table Selectors


IGP:FoundationXHTML (FX) uses standard HTML5 tables and their standard attributes. When present in documents tables are one of the most challenging structures and effectively have no semantics other than being a pragmatic selector in their containing block. They are labour intensive to create and style.

Table Block Selectors


The grouping selector for all tables.

.table-rw .caption-rw

Tables can contain captions with numbers for referencing and linking from text and the named list list-tables-rw.

.table-rw h4

Table blocks can contain headings starting from <h4>.

Default Defined Tables


A standard table with a classic academic look predefined.


A standard table with grid lines on all cells.


A standard table with no table properties applied. Designed for tabular layout of text if required. It is highly recommended that this is used with considerable thought. A semantic block is always better.


A standard HTML5 table with a modern trade-book look predefined.

Default Defined Business Tables

A small set of business tables is included in FX to indicate the type of extensions that can be applied


Three column finance table with cell alignments set.


Five column finance table with cell alignments set.


14 column finance table with cell alignments set and month headings included.

Table Cell Styling





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