Infogrid Pacific-The Science of Information

Unit 5

Static Web Sites

Static Sites are another format that can be instantly created and delivered from IGP:Digital Publisher. If you need any content online and searchable in multiple sites for information, communication, promotion or entertainment, Static Sites are a real option. Updated: 2012-07-28


The Static Site Unit looks at the value of treating online web content as just another digital format.

In most respects any e-book format is a snapshot of Internet technologies wrapped in a tidy package and delivered to a reading device.

APEX@IGP is a static website. It was created as a generated format from a master IGP:FoundationXHTML source using IGP:Digital Publisher in exactly the same manner as an ePub or print PDF. Unlike a fixed delivery format package, this website can be updated online at any time with a single click, as often as required.

This site or any part of it can also be instantly produced as an ePub, Kindle, print PDF or other format or package because of the way the digital content is tagged and managed.

Digital content must be ubiquitous to be of real value. But it can only be "that" if it has been created the right way in the first place. Infogrid Pacific is a lone voice in trying to make publishers understand how to stop wasting money with ad-hoc conversion services, expensive XML first systems and desktop applications that deliver virtually nothing except a format wrestled out from a substandard underlaying proprietary binary format.

Static Site Introduction

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